SafeTRAD Team

  • Dr. Liz Doherty

    Dr. Liz Doherty is a fiddle player and lecturer in traditional music at the University of Ulster. As a performer she has recorded and toured as a solo artist and with various bands (e.g. Bumblebees, Nomos, String Sisters, Fiddlesticks). Her academic interest include fiddle traditions from Ireland, Scotland and Cape Breton Island, Canada (the subject of her Ph.D dissertation), gender issues in traditional music and playing related musculoskeletal disorders among traditional musicians. She is currently Chair of the International Council for Traditional Music, Ireland and is Director of the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Derry/Donegal 2012.

  • Dr. Iseult Wilson

    Dr. Iseult Wilson is a lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Ulster. Following graduation from the Dublin School of Physiotherapy at Trinity College Dublin she worked in different clinical areas and developed an interest in low back pain and associated musculoskeletal problems in a variety of different client groups including musicians. She recently completed her PhD and intends to continue her research into the PRMDs (playing related musculoskeletal disorders) that musicians experience, with the aim of understanding more fully the issues involved, and supporting musicians in such a way as to reduce or prevent the development of these problems.