Each of our Safe Trad Ambassadors discusses how, in their own experience, they have learned to be aware of triggers that might lead to injury, and how to respond in order to prevent such an outcome. Topics discussed include performance anxiety and tension, relaxation, identity, choices, and making changes


Here musicians talk about measures they have taken in order to manage their own musculoskeletal health and well-being. These include stretching, mindfulness, warm-ups, rest, stopping, pacing, support from health-care professionals, support equipment, exercise.


Focussing on specific instruments, experienced performers consider posture, and how paying attention to this may be useful in preventing performance-related injury for traditional musicians. Areas including standing, sitting, instrument fit, hand positions, and stretches are discussed here.


Musicians reflect on how the environments in which traditional musicians find themselves (e.g. sessions, touring, teaching, performing under stress) has affected them in terms of injury, and what they have done to minimise any negative impact.  this aa bit of filler

minimise any negative impact